CGRP and migraine 2: rise of the mAbs

In the last blog, I took the CGRP story from the 1980s to the 2000s, from the fortuitous discovery of triptans to advent of monoclonal antibody technology, and the first inklings that it could be applied to the treatment of migraine. Useful drugs do not always start out as such. One transformation, seen time and … Read more

My disclosures 2019

I am employed by Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust for 10.5 PA (42 hours) per week. In addition to that I am engaged in private practice at BMI The Chiltern Hospital and The Medical Chambers Kensington. I have received honoraria in the last 10 years for advisory boards and lecturing from Novartis, TEVA Pharmaceuticals, Lilly, and … Read more