The London Headache Centre is a unique multi-venue headache clinic, established in 2010 by consultant neurologist and headache specialist Dr Mark Weatherall. The Centre practises a scientific and compassionate approach to the diagnosis and management of headaches, delivered at two locations in London and the Home Counties, with the option of follow-up by phone or Skype, to suit the convenience of patients.

The London Headache Centre website provides reliable information about headaches for both patients and professionals. We believe, and embrace the fact that, as the influential New England Journal of Medicine put it in an editorial in March 2010, that “nothing has changed clinical practice more fundamentally than one recent innovation: the Internet. Its profound effects derive from the fact that while previous technologies have been fully under doctors’ control, the Internet is equally in the hands of patients. Such access is redefining the roles of physician and patient.”

If you wish to see Dr Weatherall on the NHS, please ask your GP to refer you to him at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire. Please note that it may not be possible for your GP to make such a referral, depending on your local out-of-area referral policy.

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